Enjoy free green fees at Inglewood Golf Club and the benefits of being an affiliated NZ Golf Club member by joining our club!

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If you are between 19 and 35 years as of 31/12/2019 you can join Inglewood Golf Club as a Full Playing member for only $10 per year of age.
For example, if you are 21 as of 31/12/2019, you pay only $210 for our 2020 Full Membership!
Even better, if you join now as a Summer Member now for $150, you get $150 off the next year's Full Membership Subscription! 

 If you haven't been a member of Inglewood Golf Club before you could also benefit from our $380 subscription as a 1st Year Member. If you are younger than 36 years old the less expensive membership subscription option will apply.

Subscriptions $190 and over may be paid monthly via direct debit. Note administration charges may apply, contact Subscriptions Manager for further information.

Subscriptions 2020  
Full Playing Member $540
Married Couples $1005
Midweek Player $465
Associate Member (must be paid up member of another club and live over 13km from Inglewood Post Office) $390
9 Hole Player $330
1st Year Member (first time membership at Inglewood Golf Club) $380
Full Playing Members 19-35 years old (age as of 31/12/2017) $10 per year of age,
e.g. 21 years = $210 
Juniors under 19 years $115
Juniors Non Competition under 19 years (Join now and you get playing rights until 31/01/2018) $60
Social $20
Summer Subscription (1st October to 31st January) $150

Refer here for details on playing rights for subscription types.
All juniors paying $60 subs and up can play for all junior trophies.
Junior competition age limit is under 21 years old.
Players must play at the stipulated time.

Subscription Payments can be made:
By Cheque, post to P.O. Box 83. Inglewood.
Cash or EFTPOS at the Clubhouse, Lepper Road Inglewood.
Electronic Banking: 15-3946-0199843-02
Direct Debit: Subs $120 and over, admin charges may apply. Contact Subscriptions Manager.

For any enquiries regarding subscriptions, or to notify us of any changes of your details, such as telephone number, address, email address etc, please contact the Subscription Treasurer directly.

You can apply for membership ONLINE HERE.

Application Form

The rules of the Inglewood Golf Club can be downloaded here

Subscriptions Manager
Megan Christini
Ph (06) 753 2216